Custom Fully Dye Sublimation Women Volleyball Uniform & Jersey

Jerseys (Custom Women Volleyball Uniform) are the most important issue of the volleyball uniform. Blue Ice Industries has the huge selection of Jerseys  (dye sublimation volleyball uniform jersey) as you want to find a perfect fit. We have all fundamental types of volleyball jersey, including a lengthy sleeve, three-fourths length, cap jerseys, and sleeveless jerseys for men and women volleyball players.

custom volleyball uniform
custom volleyball uniform

Custom Volleyball Uniform:

This feminine Fit Volleyball designed Jersey is the made of comfortable HydraTech performance fabric for splendid moisture control, ventilation, and flexibility, making sure you live cool and sparkling even as you play.

100% polyester moisture-management fabric similar to Koolwick but is a little bit lighter weight and has a two-way stretch, used primarily for baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball or anywhere a lightweight breathable performance fabric is desired.
This fabric is overall performance-geared, using slicing side technology to keep you cool and dry on the courtroom via wicking away moisture. You can order best sublimation print jerseys in all multi-function areas so you’ll continually find exactly what you want. Lots of our top Quality options are fully customization.

Whilst you’re ordering crew jerseys you could trust Blue Ice Industries supply to produce high-resolution print jerseys together with your exact designs, specifications, and LOGO.
Contact us to begin your custom order now.

custom women volleyball jersey

1. Great Breath ability so helps keep you cool;

2. Absorbent with wicking properties so will help keep you dry;

3. Resistant to fading;

4. Quick Dry “Wash & Wear” so great for quick turnaround times;

5. Good Sun Protection;

6. Great for Sublimation;

Fully Dye Sublimation Women Volleyball Jersey:

custom women volleyball jersey
custom women volleyball jersey


Blue Ice Industries is an experienced manufacturing company and providing services to our client worldwide.Blue Ice Industries are fully equipped with latest technology to face the modern world challenges and maintain the brand class quality of products from manufacturing to packaging.

For Custom Order Please Contact Us:

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